About Us

We understand your needs


The highly specialised and experienced team at Global Capital Holdings offer an escrow service that ties in to a third-party transaction.

We do not operate an automated service or offer simplistic on-line services, as the transactions we protect and manage require careful management and a high quality of duty of care.

Our Experience


The experience of the team which spans more than 10 years in this sector enables us to not only offer fully compliant and authorised escrow and custodian facilities regardless of complexity, but also allows us to offer draw-down facilities, bench-mark and stage payments, and as we have our own qualified legal associates, offer tri-party agreements where required.

Our Team


The team’s experience is inclusive of, but not limited to, finance, accountancy, law, industry, construction, home improvements, commodity brokering, industry, manufacturing, logistics, asset financing and asset management, credit management, compliance, escrow services, sales and marketing, software development and IT.